Tube Laser Cutting Solutions

Lafre srl is specialized in sheet metal laser cutting. Lantek, a pioneering multinational in the digital transformation of the sheet metal and fabrication industrial sectors, announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the multinational HSG Laser Group. This agreement will involve the use of Lantek software program in HSG’s higher-end sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines, a segment in which the organization is increasing considerably worldwide.

This 6Kw fiber laser is a extremely flexible machine and created to meet the special needs of the metal processing industry. With superior speed and precise handling, the Penta Laser 6Kw is capable of cutting via a variety of thick and thin components and is a single of the most precise machines on the marketplace, benefiting from superb overall performance capabilities and no manual adjustment.

Apr 28, 2019Fiber laser cutting machine compared cnc laser tube cutting machine to other laser cutting machines, it has exclusive functions and advantages, let us take a appear at the benefits and advantages of fiber laser cutting machine. BODOR auto focusing head is integrated into the handle technique. When the operator selects distinct material sorts and thickness the focal length is automatically adjusted for the ideal cutting results. No manual intervention essential.

Laser machining systems are utilised in conjunction with computer numeric manage (CNC), which makes it perfect for use with thin walled tubing, boasting beam widths down to0005′. In this process, the machining operator utilizes computers to control machine tools for manufacturing complicated and intricate parts in metal and other supplies.

Gantry Laser Cutting Systems are equivalent to XY Plotters. They physically direct the laser beam perpendicular to the material that is becoming reduce making the method inherently slow. IDMLASER CLAYA V is an economical fiber laser cutting machine. We should make certain that the energy of table plasma cutting machine plasma arc is massive adequate. Large energy make the gas temperature is higher sufficient to melt the plate. So the burr is blow away easily.

Wenzhou Beigong Automobile Electric Co., Ltd. located in Souther China is a professional manufacturer of making and selling automobile fan motor assembly, condenser motor assembly, heater motor assembly.

Even though every single cutting method has its advantages and disadvantages, this write-up focuses on laser cutting, outlining the basics of the laser cutting process and the essential elements and mechanics of the laser cutting machine. Moreover, the write-up explores a variety of laser cutting techniques and applications, the benefits and limitations of the method, and comparisons in between laser cutting and other sorts of cutting processes.

Founded in 1986 in the Basque Nation (Spain), one particular of the main European hubs of machine tool development, Lantek enables the integration of sheet metal and metal processing technologies utilizing the most advanced manufacturing management software. The business is currently the outstanding leader in its sector thanks to its capacity for innovation and commitment to internationalization. With far more than 23,000 buyers in more than one hundred nations and 20 offices in 14 countries, it has an in depth network of distributors with an international presence. In 2018, its international company contributed to 86% of its revenue.

After a period of usage of the laser engraving and laser cutting machine, the smoke and dust will adhere to the surface of the reflector and mirror, which will have an effect on the engraving and cutting depth and also will impact the engraving and cutting precision. We need to clean the three reflectors and one particular focusing mirror with pure alcohol weekly.

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