Split Roller Bearings

Cooper offers four standard bearings series to oblige an assortment of shaft sizes:

100 Series

For certain drag sizes in the reach 75mm to 150mm Cooper additionally offer the 100 Series. Lighter obligation than the 01 series, it is more minimized and equipped for higher working velocities.

01/01E Series

The most ordinarily utilized, 01/01E series are planned for medium obligation china Copper split roller bearing supplier applications with a wide scope of rates. 01E series are accessible in 45mm to 105mm size reach, and 160mm to 300mm size reach, and offer improved burden conveying abilities, and can be considered for applications where 02 series were recently thought of.

02/02E Series

The 02 Series offers a more tough bearing answer for requesting applications where the 01 Series may not be appropriate. The 02 Series likewise works over a wide scope of paces. For a given shaft size, the 02 Series offers more outspread and pivotal limit than the 01 Series.02E series are accessible in 160mm to 300mm size range, and with upgraded load conveying capacities, they can be considered for applications where 03 series were recently thought of.

03 Series

Intended for outrageous stacking conditions the 03 Series best the limit of the 02 Series and offers the most noteworthy burden appraisals of all standard series.

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