Insufficient gym equipment? It doesn’t matter, teach you how to practice your whole body with a squat rack!

When you go to the gym and find that there are too many people, you will get annoyed if you can’t get the equipment you want. Don’t worry, in fact, you only need a squat rack to complete the whole body training at this time.

Today’s training only needs one venue. If there are too many people in the gym, find the frame, put the right weight, and start practicing. Today’s training consists of 8 exercises, and the whole body will be trained. Generally, each exercise is done in 3 groups, a group of 8 to 10, and the rest of the time is under your control. If you want to use heavy weight or high-intensity training, I It is recommended that you rest for 60 to 90 seconds in each group. If you feel that the training time is too tight, it is not, because this training only takes very little time.

Before training, be sure to stretch yourself, from the iliac tibia to the front of the thigh, to the upper body. You can grab a post or elastic band to help you stretch and improve your flexibility. For the back of the neck range, I will use the protective frame to adjust to the height of the starting range. Before squatting up, you can try a set with an empty bar to feel the size of your range, and then start to increase the weight and squat until it is just right. depth. After squatting, stay in a slow and controlled manner for one second, then stand up explosively and return to your initial position, allowing your body to drive more muscle fibers to exert strength.

Next is the pull-up group. Find a weight belt to hang home gym on your waist, and then put some weight on it. If you can find a weight belt in the gym, that would be great. You can jump up and be in a vacant position. , Let your chin cross the bar, then slowly fall down, doing 5 to 8 reps in a group. If you can’t do weight-bearing pull-ups with your strength, you can do it with only your own weight. The number does not need to be too much, usually 3 to 5, depending on the intensity of the centrifugal action. Backhand pull-ups, you can exercise your back muscles, as well as your shoulders, one day you can do your ideal pull-ups.

The next action is a high flip. You can do a high flip or a drape high flip. This movement allows the whole body to participate and instantly increases the heart rate. Generally, you will do 3 sets of 8 to 10 beats each. High flip is a skill training, and the action looks quite bluffing, so you’d better be familiar with this action before doing this training.

The next training is referrals, a total of 3 groups, 8 to 10 in each group. There are many people who lift heavy weights and use their full strength to push the barbell to the top. Every time you lift up, you need to concentrate on bursting. This training can mobilize the muscles of your whole body. The heavy lifting has a good effect on shoulder stimulation, and at the same time. Mobilize your quadriceps. Here I want to emphasize that you should move as fast as possible, but it also depends on your training level. You can adjust your training with appropriate trimming, such as 30 to 45 seconds interval time, mid-to-high level training. Or if you want to rest for a longer period of 60 to 90 seconds.

The next exercise is slightly different from the bench press we often do. We will lie flat on the floor, so there is no need for a bench press. You only need to keep your elbows at 90 degrees, then push up with force and push to the top, and then Slowly devolve. When doing this exercise, I suggest that you use a protective bar with the width of the neck behind the barbell for protection, which is higher than the initial position of the bench press.

After doing the bench press, we are going to be a skull crusher. What is a skull crusher sounds a bit scary. In fact, you need to lift the barbell a small distance above your head, and then use your elbow to force the barbell down, almost Touch your forehead, and then push it straight up. This can better exercise the strength of the elbow.

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