Forging electric screw press machines

Strong structure of motor rotor, which can stand up to impacting load, locked rotor and section cannot burn the controller and motor. Forging electric screw press machines are basically double-appearing mechanical presses operating in a horizontal plane. This press consists of body, drive, flywheel, slide, operation, brake, lubrication, electrical, basis ,etc.

Dilute supplies can be pumped directly into the screw press. Such presses feature very positive displacement, so they’re used on slippery supplies comparable to shrimp waste. Sizzling forging, exact forging and trimming may be carried out with this machine.

Said circuit further comprising control means for controlling the pressure of the hydraulic fluid fed to said motor means and a plurality of strain stages, one among stated phases being controllable as braking stress for mentioned flywheel, and a refill pump means for returning leaked hydraulic fluid to mentioned circuit.

An AC servo numerical control electric fly press is characterised in that, includes body; The vertical AC servo numerical control electric machine that’s installed on the housiung separator; Flywheel by AC servo numerical control electric machine drives is installed within the screw rod on the flywheel, by the slide block of screw rod via the screw pair driving; Be put in in the compensating cylinder that’s used to advertise the slide block backhaul on the body, be put in within the brake that the housiung separator top is used to brake flywheel.

AC servo numerical control electrical fly press of the current invention; Examine with friction screw press; Intermediate gearings reminiscent of no frictional disk, transverse axis promptly do not need intermediate drive, and driving-chain is brief; Would not have the friction band consumable accessory on the friction screw press but, shouldn’t have frictional dissipation and wear problem in the frictional drive.Compare with hydraulic screw press, don’t need Hydraulically Operated Equipment sophisticated, that have relatively high expectations, do not have the hydraulic fluid leak contaminated atmosphere and the hydraulic fault drawback happens.Subsequently, the present invention is straightforward in structure, and elements are few, and driving-chain is short, and the elements loss is little, and is easy to manufacture, and value is low, and is straightforward to operate.

This mannequin does not permit a direct control of the motor and of the flywheel, even if it presents considerable advantages when it comes to vitality saving. A growing use of screw presses in is dewatering dairy and hog manure as a part of nutrient administration programs.

AC servo numerical control electrical fly press of the present invention is controlled actual hitting energy by way of lowering ram velocity, and in entire slide block running, ram pace is successfully controlled, and according to precise situations, can notice descending quick, the again forging of slowing down.Because programming in advance could make slide block realize fast return, the slide block backhaul want to not adjust.

The mechanic friction machine is provided with a flywheel that rotates the screws clockwise or counterclockwise in order that to let the slide go down or go up. On this case the transmission of the movement from the electric motor to the flywheel happens by means of the friction created on a leather belt.

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