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Uptime is a key test that all industrial makers persistently face—regardless of the business: synthetic substances, metals, plastics, pharma, food and refreshment and substantially more. At GGB, we realize short lead times, speedy turnarounds and insignificant vacation are basic to your activity. What’s more, that is the place where we come in.

Interesting applications require remarkable arrangements

AwningsGGB – Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion

At the point when you need solid, support free bearings that can tolerate upping to requesting industrial conditions, you can depend on GGB to convey inventive arrangements intended to keep your gear running Industrial bearing supplier effectively for more—across an expansive scope of employments and applications:

Twisting Presses

Link Winding Devices



Food handling gear


Warmth Treating UnitsGGB – Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion

Industrial applications on both land and submerged

Industrial bind machines

Infusion forming


Machine Tools

Assembling Equipment

Material HandlingGGB – Tribological Solutions for a World in Motion

Multi-Ram Press Guides

Bundling Equipment

Furthermore, Many more…

Increment Performance and Extend Service Life

Unrivaled wear obstruction and high shock load limit bring about broadened administration life, while low rubbing properties decrease power misfortunes for further developed gear execution.

Lessen Costs

GGB surface arrangements dispose of the requirement for solidifying and machining oil ways, while likewise offering space and weight investment funds for worked on gathering.

Further develop CoP (Coefficient of Performance)

Low coefficients of contact dispense with the requirement for oil, while giving smooth activity, decreasing wear and broadening administration life.

Lower Environmental Impact

Greaseless, sans lead GGB surface arrangements follow progressively severe natural guidelines to limit the utilization of perilous materials in electrical and electronic hardware.

Our self-greasing up surface designing answers for industrial applications are specially crafted to meet a wide scope of industrial applications with the goal that you can essentially diminish, alleviate and even forestall personal time.

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