With regards to bearings for the oil and gas industry, Carter has the experience and key items to tackle your issues.

Profound boring for oil and gas is perhaps the most demanding conditions for any bearing to endure and act in. Drill heads once in a while go down in excess of a mile and manage temperatures of over 150° Celsius (302° F) and pressing factors coming to more than 10,000 psi. Carter leads in the field in this climate with a scope of down-opening apparatus bearings and likewise cam adherents, which go china Oil and gas bearing about as guides for boring hardware.

Carter slender segment bearings for oil and gas applications are intended to handle spiral, pivotal, and toppling second loads at the same time. They do as such while furnishing outstanding solidness with low rotational force. Exceptional packaging plan and progressed roller fabricating strategies consolidate to furnish oil and gas engineers with bearings they can depend on.

Carter bearings are uncommonly intended to dominate in directional boring applications, particularly on the penetrating head which works with bores of up to 8″ and uprooting points of up to 30°. At times, to manage the extraordinary demands of directional penetrating, up to 8 Carter consumption safe precise contact bearings are stacked to help the plan of the boring head adapt to the pivotal and shock powers. The bearings are intended to be tough, super exact and as grinding free as conceivable to augment boring execution. They are likewise intended to adapt to openness to threatening conditions including slurry, mud and water notwithstanding unrefined petroleum.

UNASIS accuracy bearing cam adherents and burden rollers offer an incredible option in contrast to the standard brands, combined with more prominent adaptability as far as reach, detail and size which permits you to plan with the opportunity of knowing there is a bearing size to suit.

All UNASIS cam supporters and burden roller need to pass severe quality control checks before they arrive at your entryway. UNASIS quality administration framework is ISO 9001:2015 authorize so you can be sure that regardless of amount requested you will consistently get a quality guaranteed item.

Carter slewing rings are the favored decision for an expanding number of driving producers of seaward lifting and controlling hardware – particularly when there are space or weight restrictions

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